3 Ways Beach Lovers Can Support Marine Conservation

Many people only see beaches and oceans as places for fun and fishing. However, healthy marine and coastal ecosystems are vital for the environment as well as for promoting good physical and mental health in humans. If the oceans aren't healthy, we aren't healthy. As an apparel brand for people who love the beach, Seasalt & Co. is as devoted to marine conservation as we are to delivering custom coastal designs. We believe that if every individual does a little, our combined efforts can go a long way toward preserving the sandy beaches, turtles, and palm trees that we all love. Here are three ways that beach lovers can support marine conservation.

Avoid Buying or Using Products that Hurt Coastal Environments

Keeping coastal environments clean and thriving is more complicated than many people realize. Travelers who love the beach and oceans could unintentionally harm marine life by using or buying the wrong products. Sunscreen is a key example of this issue. The chemicals used in some sunscreens can kill coral reefs. Scientists only discovered this fact relatively recently, so many beachgoers may not know that putting on their favorite sunscreens and jumping in the ocean is harming marine life. Similarly, buying souvenirs made from marine life can harm coastal ecosystems. These trinkets encourage local artisans to overuse limited natural resources to meet tourist demand. For example, the natural sea sponge industry devastated Florida’s natural reefs in the early 20th century (most modern natural sea sponges are farmed in more sustainable ways). Keeping up with the latest marine conservation news will help you know what products need to be avoided.

Use Less Plastics

One of the greatest dangers facing the oceans comes from plastic products that end up in the sea. Most plastics are not biodegradable, so much of the plastic that reaches the oceans never goes away. This has led to an island-sized mountain of trash in the sea, animal death due to plastic consumption, as well as microplastics in food and water. By using fewer plastics and recycling the plastic that gets used, beach lovers can help protect ocean and coastal ecosystems from plastic pollution. Buy fewer items that come in individually-wrapped packages, avoid using plastic bags at the grocery store, and bring your old plastic bags to a location that has a plastic bag recycling program.

Donate to Marine Conservation Organizations

While there is much we can do as individuals to protect coastal and ocean ecosystems, marine conservation is an issue that benefits from organized efforts. Marine conservation organizations can champion causes more effectively, influence policymakers, and sponsor conservation work, such as cleanup and rehabilitation efforts, in the places that need it the most. By donating to a marine conservation organization, you can help fund their efforts to protect oceans and beaches in ways that an individual can't do alone. Make sure you do some research to ensure you pick an organization that will use your donation effectively. At Seasalt & Co., we donate to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, the Sea Turtle Conservancy, and the Ocean Conservancy. These examples are just some of the many excellent marine conservation organizations that beach lovers can support.

At Seasalt & Co., we believe that it’s essential for everyone to what they can to support marine conservation. It was a desire to spread awareness about marine conservation that led us to create the Seasalt & Co. brand. Besides donating to ocean-related non-profit organizations, we also volunteer our time to clean up and rescue efforts. We channel this love of the ocean into everything we make at Seasalt & Co. Visit our store to see our collection of beach lovers' apparel and accessories.

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